Founding Members:

 Eva Ström

 Barbro Ulander

 Cecilia Wetterholm




 Maria Ericsson

 Karin Holst

 Andrea O’Connell

 Eva Ström


 Christina Krouk

 Sonja Schmidt

 Annette Kovamees

 Åse Schwab


 Ken Lundberg


 Peter Keppelman

 Aaron Whittier



 Mark Small

 Casper Gyldensoe

Earl Gingras

 Tom Young

String Bass:

 Suzanne Clark


Artistic Director:

 Allen LeVines



Allen LeVines, became Stämbandet’s director in 1985. He has held more than a dozen posts with a variety of vocal ensembles, three of which he founded. In 1994 he traveled in Dalarna, Sweden researching the connection between traditional vocal, instrumental, and dance music. A conductor, composer, and pianist, he is currently on the faculty of Berklee College of Music.


Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, in a community that continually surrounded her with music, Eva Ström is one Stämbandet’s founders. Her personal collection of Scandinavian folk songs numbers in the thousands. Eva’s love and understanding of Swedish culture and music has been a gentle, yet impressive, influence since the group’s beginnings in 1978.

Maria Ericsson is from the east coast of Sweden, and has sung with vocal groups in Sweden, Germany and the United States. An accomplished recorder player, in 1992 Maria co-founded a recorder consort in Heidelberg, Germany. After moving to the United States, she joined Stämbandet in 1997.

With roots in Stavanger, Norway, Karin Holst’s early introductions to music were not folk but jazz and big band, and came from her brother -- a prodigious trumpeter. She has sung with an array of vocal ensembles, including two all-women a cappella groups. She began singing with Stämbandet in 1998.

Andrea O’Connell, born in Philadelphia, PA, comes from a family of musicians. Classically trained, she has performed in choral concerts, for theatre, and as vocalist for stage and jazz bands. Tracing her Scandinavian heritage to Jutland and Copenhagen, Denmark, Andrea joined Stämbandet in 2005. 


Christina Krouk is from Nyköping, Sweden. Shortly after emigrating to the United States, Stämbandet became her first choral endeavor in 1980. Christina finds that the rich harmonies of Scandinavian music continue to move her and, as she says, “make me melt.”

Originally from Las Cruces, New Mexico, Sonja Schmidt comes from a very musical family. From an early age she played several instruments and sang in parts with her extended family. Sonja is of Norwegian descent and is interested in strengthening her connection with her Scandinavian cultural and linguistic roots.


Åse Schwab was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She was raised in the United States in a musical family. Fluent in Swedish, she also claims Norwegian blood from her maternal grandmother. A violinist by avocation, Äse hopes to contribute some fiddling to the group soon.


A native of Westwood, MA, Ken Lundberg joined Stämbandet in 2011. He remembers growing up listening to his Nebraska-born father’s favorite singers, including Eddy Arnold and Johnny Cash. Since first hearing a cappella music in the 90s, he has been intrigued and inspired by the power of live vocals. Stämbandet is Ken’s first vocal ensemble experience.


A native of Connecticut, Peter Keppelman joined Stämbandet in

1979, soon after its founding by his wife Eva. His musical life has been a rich one, ranging from folk to blues to rock, and from vocals to guitar to drums. His resonant voice is one of the mainstays of the group’s signature sound.

Aaron Whittier, a native of Rockford, IL, joined Stämbandet in the fall of 2013 to pursue his interest in the music and culture of Scandinavia. As well as being a Vocalist, he is also a Bassist & Guitarist.




Casper Gyldensoe is a high-energy guitarist from Copenhagen, Denmark, who has enjoyed an international performing career. Major jazz events where he has appeared include Roskilde Festival, Midtfyns Festival, and Back Bay Jazz Festival. He has performed with Stämbandet since 2002.


An extraordinary guitarist, Tom Young plays the folk rhythms of Scandinavia and jazz riffs in his duo, Acousticity with the same ease. From California, where he recalls his grandfather playing guitar at barn dances, Tom performs for rock, jazz, and theater bands and as a soloist. He joined Stämbandet in 1991.



Originally from Massachusetts, Mark Small began playing guitar as a teenager after hearing the Beatles, and since 1998 has played for Stämbandet. Mark has released seven CDs featuring his own arrangements and compositions. An active performer and collaborator throughout the U.S., he is also a widely published music journalist.


Earl Gingras is proud of his Norwegian ancestry. An accomplished singer and guitarist, Earl performs with Stämbandet frequently.


Suzanne Clark has played string bass with Stämbandet since 1991. A New Englander, she has a strong professional background with an array of show band, theater, music revue and jazz credits. She counts among her principal influences the Beatles, Oscar Pettiford and Neils Pedersen.

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