Founded in 1978, Stämbandet has a reputation for excellence both as an a cappella ensemble and a World Music vocal group. Presenting songs rarely heard outside of Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden, this captivating vocal band often breaks into six- and seven- part harmonies sung in six languages. Led by Allen LeVines, musical director since 1985, Stämbandet performs a wide range of a cappella folk traditions unique to Scandinavia, including "trall" - singers imitating fiddlers playing dance music - a practice that has been compared to scat singing.
Stämbandet's cultural contributions have rarely been placed in perspective, for even within Scandinavia there are few vocal ensembles solely dedicated to the preservation and performance of traditional Nordic song. American-influenced "pop" styles have taken over and continue to dominate not just Scandinavia, but virtually the world. So it is especially significant that in the United States Stämbandet exists at all, where it is the only group of its kind -- not only striving for performances of high artistic merit, but carefully researching the music's origin and history, thereby introducing to the public many other facets of Scandinavian culture.
The long term commitment of the singers has helped ensure Stämbandet's cohesiveness of sound and cultural identity. Many of the vocalists were born in Scandinavia.
“...the singer's voices are pure and clear, and the songs are of a folk tradition that sounds fresh and new to American ears.”
- Guy Van Duser, Rounder Records
“Stämbandet moved in sparkling harmonies from soft to loud, brightly busy to darkly elegiac.”

- Scott Alarik, The Boston Globe

for May 18, 7pm Concert!

Stämbandet: The Scandinavian Vocal Ensemble